WiV Events weltweit

WiV & Voice Veranstaltungen weltweit

Hier findest du eine Übersicht aller anstehenden Events, von WiV Global sowie den anderen internationalen Chapters. Der folgende Kalendar stammt von der Women in Voice global Website. Alle Eventtermine werden in Pacific Time – Los Angeles time zone angezeigt!

Women in Voice: Inaugural Summit

WiV Global Inaugural Summit

Virtual Event: July 20-22, 2021

Join our worldwide community for a virtual celebration dedicated to advancing women’s careers in Voice!

At the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit, people around the world will gather to exchange best practices, advance the Voice field, and advance humanity with our collective voices.

With educational workshops, lectures, panel discussions, roundtables, mentorship sessions, and an Awards Ceremony, the Women in Voice Inaugural Summit will facilitate meaningful conversations and connections for people and who want to pivot to be in the Voice sphere.

Weitere Events findest du auf der Website unserer Dachorganisation.

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