Im Spotlight: Margareth Jabczynski

Sep 18, 2020

Margareth Jabczynski

You are leaving your comfort zone here

Vernetze Dich mit Margareth:

Yo Voiceladies, Maggie (Margareth Jabczynski) here. Welcome to Uncanny Valley. It is not that I brought you there – I show you just that you already live in it. Also, I breathe drama. My background is Hysterical Anthroapology, Linguistics (I had to, because my name is so complicated) and I am into music composition, I love writing songs.

In my videos (subscribe here), podcast Maggie’s Piano Bar (listen here) and articles (read here) I try to make people laugh (or cry), think or feel what I do about ethics & AI, human interaction and society, getting people preferably beyond their comfort zone, unless they are on my side anyways. 

I went to scriptwriting school, so my Want and my Need are putting that knowledge and horror, eh I mean humor of curse, into practice every day, be it in my day job, by mentally harassing tekkies as a conversation designer 😛 👻 at a telecommunications company or as a superheroine at night: Then I put on my costume (see pics) and do magic, see links above.

I am an active party-zippant of the VoiceLunch as well, <if> you haven’t heard of it yet, it is really your own fault. Put that on your should-do-list. Now. –> else: contact me here I will get help for you, 🐼 or 🐱, depending on your use case.

Oh and a book 📗 is coming. About ethics in conversational AI, you know virtual addiction, being a screen zombie – and the question: Will we become bot addicts?

Ok see you around!


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