Im Spotlight: Duygu Altinok

Mai 6, 2020

Duygu Altinok

Senior NLP Engineer @ German Autolabs

Vernetze Dich mit Duygu:

Hello WiV Community!

My name is Duygu, I work as a Senior NLP Engineer at German Autolabs with a focus on conversational AI for voice assistants. Previously I worked in speech recognition, so I’m one of the early birds in speech technology.

We built Chris, the world’s first in-car voice assistant, which lets people use their phones without taking their eyes off the road.

Chris can recognize voice commands, follow up dialogs, and recognize gestures reliably – even in a noisy car environment.

Chris can chat about playing music, navigating, and sending, receiving and dictating SMS and WhatsApp messages. Chris recognizes gestures and follows voice commands. Chris can also manage your calls, SMS and Whats Apps for you, and also controls the navigation and music in your car.

My daily work involves handling large amounts of speech and text data and deploying different machine learning techniques. I like to use neural networks, word embeddings and brand new technologies in general 🙂

We really believe in the impact of voice assistance in the automotive domain. If you want to learn more about my work you can visit my Blog.

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