Spotlight on Sandra Noa

Jan 28, 2021

Sandra Noa

VUX Designer & Co-Founder @LEVOOBA

Sandra Noa Portrait

Connect with Sandra:

I’m Sandra Noa, author, conceptional designer, Berliner, media educationist, hip-hop dancer, mother, movie fan and much more.

Since 2002 I’ve been working in the children’s media area with a focus on entertainment in education.

I’ve been in the world of conversational design for about three years now. It all started merely text-based with coaching bots for companies. Then several Alexa skills with learning focus followed.

Since last year I’ve been developing a voice app together with my small team. It’s a real-time multiplayer learning quiz that helps children and teachers review what they have learned at home: LEVOOBA. In the educational chapter of the Open Voice Network I try to contribute to standards for both – voice producers and users, in this case students and parents.

I think the voice and especially the WiV community are incredibly great. Everyone I’ve (virtually) met so far is warm, congenial and creative.

I really appreciate that they share their valuable experiences in order to jointly exploit the great potential of voice even more in the future.

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