Spotlight on Romina Pankoke

Jun 6, 2020

Romina Pankoke

Chapter Founder WiV DE, VUX Design Lead at Vixen Labs

Portrait of Romina Pankoke, WiV Germany

Connect with Romina:

My name is Romina. I am based in Berlin and one of the founders of the German WiV Chapter. First of all, thank you so much for your participation and trust. We launched this chapter last year, and it is just amazing to see this community grow.

It has been an exciting journey for me personally, meeting many awesome people and getting to work with a lovely bunch of new peers.

What I enjoy the most is that everybody involved is just so open, supportive and excited about this initiative. That’s why I decided to contribute to WiV on a global level as well, supporting with the website, acting as a go-to person for ambassadors, and helping new chapters to get started.

In case you wondered: yes, I do have a “real” job, too. I am a VUX Designer at Vixen Labs, a voice design studio and consultancy based in London. While I am officially a freelancer, they pretty much adopted me more than a year ago and I am truly thankful to be part of that amazing team. I was a freelance UX designer and digital strategist before I decided to go all in on voice, which I think was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made 🙂


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