Spotlight on Olga Oskolkova

Mar 12, 2021

Olga Oskolkova

Senior Voice/AI Experience Architect @

Olga Oskolkova Portrait

Connect with Olga:

Hey there, my name is Olga Oskolkova. I am a multidisciplinary Interaction Designer, Voice/AI Architect, Computational Linguist, and an awkward dancer 😉.

I have several years of experience both in UX Design and the Voice/NLP field, creating exciting experiences for the biggest industry leaders.

Raised with science-fiction books and movies, I already knew from my childhood that I am doomed to create some sort of interface between humans and machines.

Seeing how many powerful women are in our Women in Voice Community motivates me every day to give my best to achieve our common goal – creating better seamless and natural voice experiences.

When I am not in front of the PC, I am training my pomeranian pup, singing, reading, or playing VR.

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