Spotlight on Maria Mueller

Oct 13, 2020

Maria Müller

Senior UX Designer for voice user interfaces, Triplesense Reply

Maria Mueller Portrait

Connect with Maria:

Hey there, I’m Maria, a curious User Experience Designer, based in Frankfurt, at Triplesense Reply, where I develop high-end conversational blueprints for all manner of applications. 

A couple of years ago, I discovered my passion for the most direct and effective of all human machine interactions: conversational interfaces.

Living in a multigenerational household, I love to observe how people of all ages interact with different technologies and channels

I am especially impressed by my 4 year old whirlwind son Felix, who is asking Alexa for the differences between octopi and squid as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

Since 2017, I have created an Alexa skill family for voice controlling and monitoring premium household appliances in a smart home ecosystem, publish voice UX related articles, speak on conferences and hold webinars about VUX practices and techniques.

Currently, I have two exciting roles: both the operative implementation of a complete line of HMI for industrial machinery and, together with my colleague Dan Fitzpatrick, driving the conversational strategy for the entire Reply group at the Community of Practice Voice Reply. Together with Svenja Janorschke, I organize the Frankfurt a.M. city team of the WiV DE chapter.

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