Spotlight on Laura Jakober

Dec 18, 2020

Laura Jakober

Speech Interaction Designer, DAG Deutsche Automotive Software GmbH

Laura Jakober Portrait

Connect with Laura:

Hey fellow voice-lovers,

My name is Laura and I am currently working on the MBUX Voice Assistant as a speech interaction designer.

I have a background in general linguistics and machine language processing and a huge passion love for voice interactions with machines.

During my studies, I came to one simple realization:

speaking, be it to another human or a machine, is just so much more efficient, faster and so much easier than writing.

I mean, haven’t you ever started at text trying to come up with a formulation that makes sense; not only to you, but also to the people you are addressing? Yeah, me too. 😀

My dialogue-designing journey started in November 2018, when I received a call and was given the opportunity to join the team working on the Mercedes Voice-Assistant. And what should say, I packed my bags ready to tackle the challenge. Until today I couldn’t think of a more creative yet technological job.

For more than two years now, I have been developing natural and intuitive hands-free voice interactions. Especially in driving situations, it is crucial for dialogue design to fulfill its number one role: solving the users’ problems as easy and as fast as possible.

One of the main challenges in dialogue-design is to create an intuitive system that interacts very naturally. When people interact with each other, a lot of information is not communicated in the spoken message itself, but rather its context. Interpreting this context, be it knowledge of personal preferences, or understanding implicit utterances is a big task that I love to work on.

I am very glad I got the chance to share some insights with you; so thank you Women in Voice for letting me tell my story on your amazing platform! I am thrilled to learn more about the other members and already impatiently waiting for the next webinar.

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