Spotlight on Kathrin Betzenbichler

Apr 27, 2021

Kathrin Betzenbichler

Computational Linguist @Lautmaler

Portrait of Kathrin Betzenbichler

Connect with Kathrin:

The unique selling point of Women in Voice is that it lives from the open-minded, cross-industry and multi-background exchange, which enables everyone to speak in their own language and tone of voice – as Women with Voice for Women in Voice.

No matter the personal story, depth of knowledge, specific field of expertise, or life-circumstances, everyone is welcome to the community.

Our network enables and empowers individuals to share, discuss, and exchange ideas and visions, work on common goals and progress professionally and personally.

As a Computational Linguist and part of Lautmaler agency, I especially enjoy the opportunity to connect with other companies and organization, to get insights into the sector from very different and varying points of view, and to inquire the possibilities of voice technology and fields of work that lie within.

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