Spotlight on Jrene Rolli

May 20, 2020

Jrene Rolli

Entrepreneur @ Hello Jrene Ltd

Connect with Jrene:

As a communications consultant and copywriter, I want to use my words and actions to make people’s everyday lives more pleasant and to move them towards something positive.

The right words make it easier for people to understand the complex world and find their way around it. I am particularly fascinated by communication as an elementary connection between technology and the user.

Not only to make it easier for people to use, but also to trigger emotions in them. That’s why I’ve been studying more about UX Writing, Conversational Design, and VUI for about a year now.

In self-study, I deepen my knowledge and appreciate the exchange in networks like WiV very much. I’d be very happy if I have the opportunity to support a project team and gain practical experience in the implementation of German VUI solutions. Learning from and with others, that suits me.

My strength is writing and developing a suitable persona with voice and tone. By the way, my company name «Hello Jrene» is also meant as an invitation to simply contact me :leichtes_lächeln:


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