Spotlight on Claudia Saracco

Nov 5, 2020

Claudia Saracco

Computational Linguist, Language Expert & Chatbot Conversation Designer

Claudia Saracco Portrait

Connect with Claudia:

Hello, my name is Claudia. I have a background in translation and interpreting and I am passionate about conversational technologies and UX design. I am Italian and I have been living in Germany for 13 years.

In march 2018 I started a beautiful journey working as a computational linguist and chatbot conversation designer, developing Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby, acquiring knowledge and skills in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Chatbot Conversation Design, UX Design, Machine Learning and IoT.


It’s such a good feeling seeing my words being translated into dialogues and flows for chatbots and virtual assistants, hearing a device speaking the responses that I created for a friendly and goal-oriented human-machine interaction. 😍


I love giving virtual assistants a brain, a voice and a personality. Conversational design combines technology, UX, psychology, linguistics… and from my personal experience also marketing. It’s such an interesting field!

I am glad and grateful to be part of the international WiV community because it’s so active and engaged. I can learn a lot from our webinars, virtual meet-ups, newsletters and from each other’s experience and input. I live and work in Munich and I am member of the German and Italian WiV communities.

I look forward to the activities, talks and job opportunities that the future of our WiV network will bring. 😃

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