Spotlight on Chiara Martino

Feb 25, 2021

Chiara Martino

Conversation Designer & Knowledge Engineer @Assist Digital

Chiara Martino Portrait

Connect with Chiara:

Hi everyone! I’m Chiara (it’s pronounced ˈkjara, in case you’re wondering 😉 ).

I’m currently working with NLU training, conversation analysis and chatbot and voicebot design, and I enjoy writing articles on Medium to share my experience.

I started my career as a Humanist, then transitioned into a Digital Humanist, and now I’m falling in love with data and analytics, so who knows where it will bring me!

I’m based in Italy, but I love travelling and I’m interested in everything intercultural, thanks to my background in Languages and Linguistics, which also took me for a semester at the Universität des Saarlandes, in Germany.

I often join WiV DE events: I can’t miss the opportunity to practice my German while talking about Conversational AI, can I? 😁

And that’s why I try to be an active part of the international WiV community. In my life, I had often underestimated the value of networking: I’m an introvert, so I guess that’s in my nature 🙃

In this community, however, I found a unique virtual place to get in touch with professionals from all over the world, and I soon realized how surprisingly great it is to share knowledge, experiences, perspectives.

Also, it’s amazing to see how certain conversational patterns are common to all different cultures and how others vary depending on language and cultural standards.

More recently, I’ve started collaborating with Women in Voice Global as Editor for our blog on Medium (❗️ #adv: you’re all welcome to contribute!)

Finally, I lead Women in Voice Italy as chapter Co-Founder and Social Media Manager. We started our journey one year ago, and I’m eager to know how we’ll keep growing!

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