Past WiV DE Event

Pitch Reality – Empowering Female Founders

Pitch Reality – Empowering Female Founders through Gamification

WiV DE Event with An Coppens

Free Webinar with An Coppens – hosted by Nina Neuf

Wednesday, August 25th

The number of companies founded by women is increasing steadily. So, how is it that in 2019 only 2.8% of all investor funding went to female founders according to Crunchbase in the US?

The answer is as simple as shocking: It’s bias. During pitches, men are asked questions on how they will succeed, and women are asked how they won’t fail (promotional questions versus preventional questions). Promotion/prevention is 35% cause, and “think big” is 65% cause of loss/no funding for female founders.

Together with her team, An Coppens, the Chief Game Changer (aka CEO and founder) at Gamification Nation not only identified these established rhetorical biases, but they develop a fun and entertaining way to teach, train, and therefore enable women to recognize and disarm them.

In this free webinar, An introduced us to the Pitch Reality – and how to change it for the better.

About An

An wanted to be a game designer as a young girl and it only took her 30+ years to actually do exactly that. Since starting Gamification Nation in 2012 to bring a feminine voice and more inclusive design to the world of serious games and gamification, she and her team won several awards such as the ‘Outstanding Gamification Design Agency’ in 2017 and ‘Excellence in non-digital gamification design’ for a board game in 2018.

The types of projects she has worked on include gamification of onboarding, learning, recruitment, sales all with the view of increasing engagement and finding the right fit of people and results. Serious games the company created have helped raise awareness in cyber security, teach game design, address major world challenges, etc.

As a female business owner, An is passionate about enabling more women to be successful with their businesses. Hence, pitching her game concept at the Stockholm Techfest Hackathon and subsequently making the game a playable reality.


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