Welcome to Women in Voice Germany!

We are the German chapter of Women in Voice (WiV), a global community dedicated to connecting women and diverse people who work in or are pivoting to the field of voice technology.

The idea of our global community is to empower each other by sharing information, sources and inspiration, and to help each other through a strong professional network.

As the German chapter (WiV DE), our mission is to foster this incredible community on a national and local level. Through our social media channels and a variety of (online) meetups and events, we want to create a space for all of us to grow professionally, and make a difference in the German voice industry. 

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What is Women in Voice?

Women in Voice is an international movement to empower women in voice technology.

Our mission is to build community for women and diverse people in voice technology, to amplify and celebrate the work and talent of women, and to provide professional development and resources to support women. We empower women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field, such as VUX/VUI designers, marketers, linguists, developers, engineers, AI specialists, etc.

Women in Voice Germany

Growing a national network of voice professionals.

We kicked off in October 2019, with an announcement at “All About Voice” Conference. Initiated in Berlin, we are growing constantly, with 100+ supporters and sub-communities in Berlin, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, and Munich. As we want to foster close ties across Germany, we are all operating under one central roof, ‘Women in Voice Germany’.

WiV DE Team

People from our Community:

Portrait Jrene thumbnail

Spotlight on Jrene Rolli

As a communications consultant and copywriter, I want to use my words and actions to make people’s everyday lives more pleasant and to move them towards something positive.

Svenja Janorschke thumbnail

Spotlight on Svenja Janorschke

My name is Svenja and I joined the WiV network at the end of 2019. Together with WiV member Maria, we are planning to grow WiV in Frankfurt am Main…

Nina Neuf Kilian thumbnail

Spotlight on Nina Neuf-Kilian

I learned about Women in Voice at the All About Voice Conference in Munich last year. I very much enjoy being part of this network, we all have a common interest – Voice Technology, but we look at the topic from different perspectives.

Kathrin Betzenbichler Thumbnail

Spotlight on Kathrin Betzenbichler

As a Computational Linguist and part of Lautmaler agency, I especially enjoy the opportunity to connect with other companies and organization, to get insights into the sector from very different and varying points of view.

Olga Oskolkova

Spotlight on Olga Oskolkova

Hey there, my name is Olga Oskolkova. I am a multidisciplinary Interaction Designer, Voice/AI Architect, Computational Linguist, and an awkward dancer 😉.

Laura Dreessen thumbnail

Spotlight on Laura Dreessen

To me, it’s the combination of empathy and cleverness that we explore and confirm within seconds whenever we meet at – or as – Women in Voice.

Romina Pankoke thumbnail

Spotlight on Romina Pankoke

My name is Romina. I am based in Berlin and one of the founders of the German WiV Chapter. First of all, thank you so much for your participation and trust.

Chiara Martino Thumbnail

Spotlight on Chiara Martino

Hi everyone! I’m Chiara. I’m currently working with NLU training, conversation analysis and chatbot and voicebot design, and I enjoy writing articles on Medium to share my experience.

Duygu Altinok thumbnail

Spotlight on Duygu Altinok

Hello WiV Community! My name is Duygu, I work as a Senior NLP Engineer at German Autolabs with a focus on conversational AI for voice assistants. Previously I worked in speech recognition, so I’m one of the early birds in speech technology.

Claudia Saracco thumbnail

Spotlight on Claudia Saracco

Hello, my name is Claudia. I have a background in translation and interpreting and I am passionate about conversational technologies and UX design.

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