Past WiV DE Event

Start your career in Conversational AI

Start your career in Conversational AI

An event to find out how to enter the exciting professional field of Conversational AI.

“And then what do you do with it?” Many students know and dread this question. At the same time, the professional field around Conversational AI is growing and looking for graduates: People who can understand language, profusely know communication and teach machines to listen, understand and speak.

In our panel “Start your career in Conversational AI“, our panelists – all of whom work in the field themselves – shared their stories: from the beginning of their studies, self-doubt, complex master’s thesis topics to successful career paths. The need for information and discussion was shown by the many questions from the participants and, last but not least, the fact that we generously exceeded the time frame. We hope we were able to bring together what goes together: qualified students and Conversational AI, one of the most exciting professional fields at the intersection of the humanities and natural sciences.

We would like to thank our panelists Dr Laura Dreessen, Susanne Däxl, Apolline Tabourot and Kathrin Betzenbichler as well as Laura Grimm and Anna-Maria Meck for the moderation. But above all, to all the participants who made a great exchange possible with their questions.

WiV DE Event: At the intersection of Voice and Mobility

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